Car BT connection = Max volume

Hello! Would be practical if SmartThings would remember that I want maximum volume ‘headphone’ output while connected to my car’s bluetooth.
I remember my Nexus 5x doing this for me, returning the volume to normal once I’d disconnect my line in cable from the phone’s headphones jack.

Come on SmartThings, smarten up! :slight_smile:

Surely this is an issue for the device manufacturer not an App?

I might not fully understand what you mean, but shouldn’t the app SmartThings make those “connections” (Bluetooth to Car + Audio Jack plugged in = remember last volume output).

I would have thought that the device itself would need to change them settings. Most SmartApps don’t mess with settings they don’t need too - even a SmartApp requesting access to things like Bluetooth would be a reflag for some people.

If you are still running an android phone why don’t you run something like Tasker and ask it to change your volume under certain circumstances?

If you’re on Android there is an app called Bluetooth volume control that does exactly that. You can set levels for each connection individually. I’ve been using it for a while and it works perfectly. I’m sure there are alternatives for ios as well.

I do this with Macrodroid. I also use it for many other things including sending GET to eventghost with contents of notifications, texts etc.

This isn’t in the scope of SmartThings and I wouldn’t expect it to be.

Tasker can do this (and many, many other types of automations, super cool app). Macrodroid is simpler to use if you don’t need Tasker’s power, but I had some flakiness w/some macros in Macrodroid when I was using it a year or two ago on my wife’s phone to manage wi-fi connections.

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Android Pie has this built in, now. Has worked great for me since I updated to Pie.

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Do you have a samsung phone? If so, you’re talking about “smartthings” showing up as managing your bluetooth connection, right? That is what used to be called Samsung Connect. It has now been renamed SmartThings. But this forum is dedicated to the SmartThings Home Automation Platform. I know, Samsung has made it entirely confusing for everyone.

And your Samsung phone remembers the last volume you had it on for that output. Why do you have both your bluetooth connected and your headphone jack connected? Wouldn’t it be easier to use one or the other?

Hello Ryan780,
OH! yes I’m talking about SmartThings on my Samsung cellphone. Thank you for that clarification!
Indeed it’s SmartThings showing up as managing my bluetooth connection, that’s why I was posting here. But now I understand the forum is more for the Automation Platform.

Actually, my Samsung phone remembers the last volume for the headphone jack but NOT if the volume is set to above their “harmful” threshold level. And it’s a good thing in a way, because when I use actual headphones I wouldn’t want that high of volume.

To answer your question about BT connection and/or line-in jack: My car is a 2009, and the bluetooth technology was just in it’s beginning I guess, so I can only have phone conversations through the car’s audio system (and it’s microphone), but the communications to the entertainment system doesn’t allow for music playing.

This is my first post to this forum and I want to thank you all for your generous answers (and taking the time).
Ryan780 explained a little why I’m on this forum, my samsung phone uses SmartThings for my Bluetooth connection management, by default.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I got used to my ex-cellphone, a Nexus 5x, that used to figure all this out and remembered my settings perfectly without having to install and configure any additional apps :slight_smile: