SmartThings Devs: Broken Google Home Functionality - Volume Control

SmartThings developers, please alert/work with Google developers to fix recently broken volume control functionality between SmartThings devices linked to Google Home.

It appears this was broken recently by changes made by Google, possibly related to the recent Sonos lawsuit.

I have a Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA TV linked through SmartThings to Google Home.

Google Home can no longer control the volume on the Samsung TV but can still control all the other functions on it and the SmartThings app can still control the volume indicating a change on the Google end vs a SmartThings problem.

Other example discussions/problem reports:

Can’t control TV volume anymore

Did Google just disable stereo pair volume control because of patent infringement lawsuit with Sonos…

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! :disappointed_relieved:

This forum was created a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers. It’s not an official support channel and SmartThings developers won’t see most of the posts here.

Instead, your best bet to reach someone who actually works at Smartthings is to use the official support options. These will vary depending on what country you are in.

If your app is working, use the menu option in the smartthings app to find the “Contact us” options.

If your app is not working, you’ll have to go on the website to get the support information.

Thanks JDRoberts for the heads up, will do!

Looks like is the answer for me vs bumbling around in the app trying to use it to report a problem etc.

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Typical lame cookie cutter reply.

Obviously other than causing me to have to re-configure my setup this will accomplish nothing.

After doing this and forwarding the either irrelevant or non-existent pieces of information they’re asking for, I’d anticipate a reply basically saying this is a google and not a SmartThings issue.

Thanks Samsung!

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused regards with the the issue you’re facing.

In order to assist you we recommend you to please remove the Google home integration from SmartThings. Then, reinstall the Google home app and re-integrate the services in the SmartThings app and check if the issue persists.

To remove the integration in the SmartThings app:

Tap ST app menu
Settings gear icon
Linked or connected services
Tap " Google" and unlink/disconnect

To re-add the integration in the ST app:

Tap “+”
Voice assistant
Connect to Google and follow on-screen steps

If the issue still persists, please get back to us with the below details so that we can assist you accordingly :

Screenshot/Video of the error
Entire model number of TV.
SmartThings app version
Exact date and time stamp of last issue occurrence.

Yeah, that’s annoying. :rage:

The first line support was transferred to general Samsung support a few years ago, and they’re basically just working off scripts. (One support person asked a friend of mine where we bought her virtual switch. :confounded:)

However, reporting it to the official support line can still help in two ways.

  1. the more people who report a problem, the more likely it is to get reported to engineering staff who do know the system

  2. if you feel like being persistent, you can keep working with support yourself until they do “escalate it.” Don’t give them your guesses about the patent issue. Instead, just keep telling them that it’s been working fine for X months/years, you didn’t change anything, and now it doesn’t work any more. But it can take a lot of back and forth until it gets escalated, so it may not be worth the effort.

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Thanks, appreciate the good advice!


FYI after much back and forth with level 1 support I’m at level 2 where they’re asking for logs.

I don’t have much hope since the problem is obviously on Google’s end.

Really I just want any kind of Google dev contact/conduit. Samsung look like heroes compared to Google in that respect.

Meanwhile the drums are beating louder here for what that’s worth.

A few other SmartThings users in that thread…

Hi Don,

This email is to notify you that we have created a support ticket for your request. Kindly note that our reply may be delayed due to a sudden volume increase. We will follow up with you as soon as we can. We deeply appreciate your patience.

In the course of investigating, our team may look at logs from your Hub and devices. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know.

Warm regards,

The SmartThings Team


Same issue.