Capability carbonDioxideMeasurement

Capability to display a Carbon Dioxide(Capability.carbonDioxideMeasurement) measurement in parts per million.

Carbon Dioxide like in soda and green houses? (Harmless)

Or CO… Carbon Monoxide like from cars and and barbecues? (require alarms in California garages and with gas furnaces…).

CO2 is Carbon Dioxide (Two Oxygen)
CO is Carbon Monoxide (One Oxygen)

Carbon Dioxide is not completely harmless. If your house is not properly ventilated the Co2 levels can rise.

Symptoms caused by carbon dioxide are directly related to the fact that increasing carbon dioxide levels cause decreasing oxygen levels in the body, hampering the flow of oxygen to the brain. If the concentration of the gas is still relatively low, common symptoms include headaches, an increasing pulse rate, uncharacteristically high fatigue, and breathing difficulties. When concentration of the gas reaches a high level above 30,000 ppm (parts per million), symptoms can include heavy nausea, dizziness, or vomiting.

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Understood, thanks.

For consistency, then, I suggest the name and attributes to be similar to the existing capability for CO (and/or, that capability needs enhancement too).

Thanks. I edited the title to make it look more like temperatureMeasurement.

Thanks; so unlike “xDetector”, this would be a Device that actually returns a numeric measurement value in parts per million.

Meta (I’ll move up to Category Topic, but here at the moment for context…): Current Capabilities name the “obvious” attribute something redundantly similar to the Capability Name, but not always (e.g., capability.switch, Attribute: switch; but capability.beacon, Attribute: presence – probably because Beacon seems redundant to capability.presence … but that’s another Topic).

From a polymorphism standpoint, I’d prefer an Attribute called “value” for every Capability; but too late now.

So this “capability.carbonDioxideMeasurement” would have Attribute: “carbonDioxide”?

(NB: I am not suggesting the Attribute name "carbonDioxideMeasurement because that would be inconsistent with the Attributes of current Capabilities Temperature Measurement, Illuminance Measurement, etc.)

I second that for @jody.albritton I would like to be able to create alerts off my CO2 levels from my Netatmo weather station.

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I recommend expanding this capability to something more along the lines of capability.concentration

This way, we can measure co2 in ppm, co in ppm, etc. I have a cheap laser particle sensor:

That also measures particle size in ppm.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

There is already a CO measurement capability. That is the one that would need expanding as it currently supports only detected/not detected. Concentration could be an attribute for both capabilities.

This capability has been added and documented.

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