Can't Trigger My Gas Fireplace from Ecobee temperature

Hello, I have used these Remotec Zfm-80US Fixture Switch Modules for a number of years and they work great for timed control of my gas fireplaces. I have been trying to use my ecobee Thermostat as a temperature trigger to start and stop my great room fireplace, sometimes it works perfectly and other times it does not work at all. I will have the fireplace turn on when the Temp = 69 degrees and shut off when it reaches 72 degrees. Just wondering what I might be missing? I am wondering if its a device poling issue or something? If anybody has had any luck doing this type of thing I would appreciate any and all advice, Thank You !

I do not have Ecobee thermostats but an issue I see with Honeywell thermostats may be the same as what you are experiencing. Somewhere in here is a thread that discusses Ecobee and this issue.

My thermostats are not polled regularly by ST; not enough to be useful. So what you might check is to watch how quickly the temperature is updated in ST after you make changes to the Ecobee. If ST is not “keeping up”, then you’ve identified the problem, as you are suspecting. Just change the setpoint at the thermostat and watch ST for changes to the setpoint and inside temperature.

I found that my ST was updating every four hours or so. The solution was to program a number of things (like motion, etc) to run a refresh. This keeps ST updated in a relatively timely manner.

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