Can't save new Lighting Automation in Smart Lighting app?

Not sure if this is a bug or I’m doing something ridiculous.

I’ve added lighting automations through the Smart Lighting app in the past, but now when I try it I don’t get a save button.

Steps are:

  1. Open Smart Lighting “app” from the Automation tab.
  2. Press “New Lighting Automation”
  3. Set up a simple motion sensor automation
  4. Press “Next”
  5. ??? No Save option, whether I change the automation name or not. If I tap the back arrow twice I sometimes get a “Save” button on the Automations list page, but by then I’ve lost my automation.


there is no save button. the next should take you to a screen that asks if you want to edit the automation name. If not select “done” at the top and it is complete

I’m missing the button that says “Done” :cry:

This is what the screen looks like. Anyone on Android got the same problem?

Same here. No done button

I’m missing the done button too…

Spoke to SmartThings Support. They had me force close the app when I got to the screen with the missing button. Afterwards it automatically saved and the next time I went in the Save button was present.

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Yep, seems to have started working. Thanks all.

I too am missing the save button 90% of the time, sometimes it is there, most time not. How do you do a “Force close”?

9 months later and this major UI bug is still there … The workaround seems to work, but having to kill the app after every operation is ridiculous…