Can't Remove SmartApp / Device Handler / Device

Hi there

I tried to install the MQTT integration (I know, I haven’t done my research. Ugh) because I wanted to integrate Home Assistant with ST so that I could operate my Tuya Smart Plugs with ST. Unfortunately I can’t remove the devices and SmartApp that I added while trying to configure! Has anyone gone through this? How can we remove these apps?

You may want to open Live Logging in another window and see if you encounter any errors while trying to uninstall the SmartApps from the IDE. The code cannot be deleted until the installed instances of the SmartApps are first uninstalled as you’ve seen.

I was having the same issue with the same error last night and magically this morning it worked. I was able to delete both a SmartApp and device whereas I wasn’t last night with the same error.

Might wait 12 hours and try again?

That did it! Just had to wait apparently. Weird.