Cant pair my unlisted zigbee devices with custom handlers

I have custom device handlers for hive (zigbee) smart bulbs and some zwave plugs - I recently started using my hub again and these are all nor sowrking
I unpaired one of the bulbs and no I cant find any way to repair it.
When I try to add a device ther eis no way to pair an unlisted zigbee device…
surely this cant be right?
my custom smart smart apps all work - but Im worried they will stop working…why on earth would they want to remove this functionaility?
please help.

open the custom device handlers in IDE and Publish for Me on them. Then for the zigbee devices, reset them (you can probably reset the hive bulbs by turning on for 2-3 seconds, power off for 2-3 seconds and repeat about 5 times until the bulb flashes on/off). For z-wave devices, exclude the devices. Then try pairing them.

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And you don’t have to oick a device type feom the list. Jus choose search nearby and the hub kicks into pairing and should discover your device.


thanks for the very quick reply - this solved my problem in combination with nathancu’s comments
I got my bulbs and plugs back up and running otherwise I would have got really frustrated at smarththings.
Hope they never get rid of groovy and they get a fully offline hub…