Can't logon to

Hi All

I am having trouble to login to
I was able to do it some month ago and now when i try to login it ask to confirm T&C’s and when I click next it just goes back to the home screen without loging me in. I can’t even raise a support as it puts me back on the T&C’s page.

Any suggestions

Same here. Tried multiple browsers and even different networks and keep getting bounced back to with no errors after clicking “Accept”

Same here. The “Next” button on the T&C page is always redirecting me back to However, I could log in using some other’s old account that has been on developer workspace before.

What browsers are you using? Does using an incognito window make a difference?

You can submit a help request to

Have tried Chrome and incognito, IE, Edge and Firefox.

Thx for the email let me send to them.