Can't link to posts in a thread, just first post

Since the recent forum upgrade, it is no longer possible to create a clickable link to any post except the first post in a topic. If you include a different post link, you will get the summary of that post, but it will not be clickable. This makes it harder to direct people to solutions for their questions.

Hmmm this seems to work ^^^

And this too ^^^

Maybe it changed again. :sunglasses:

Thanks for checking!

Unless I’m going crazy, this problem is back. If I link to just this topic, then you can click on it and go to that topic.

If I link to the 19th post in that topic, if you click on it it expands but you cannot go to that thread. Which is much less useful because it often the person should be looking at four or five posts to get their answer.


You can actually but the link is a tad small

Looks like an accessibility issue.

Using voiceover, which is built into iOS, it’s quite difficult to navigate to that tiny arrow. But even if I do navigate to it, I can highlight the arrow, but it is not recognized as a clickable button. So when I select it nothing happens; it doesn’t go to that topic.

For the one where I just put the topic, it highlights the title of the topic and does recognize that as a clickable option.

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Very good points, we will look at improving this

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Excellent! And if I may make a suggestion… although not required of public sector firms, designing for Section 508 compliance would be an excellent goal.

Onebox is way better now, I rebaked your post so you can see it :slight_smile:

Excellent – – just having the title of the post in the box makes it look like a lot more like a clickable link. Thanks!