Release Notes – Platform – 09/06/16

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  • Increase SmartApp size limit to 1Mb. (Because you all are creating awesome cool things)

  • Performance and UX improvements to Smart Home Monitor.

The first link works, but all the subsequent links didn’t work for me. :disappointed_relieved:

Hmmmmm, works for me, @JDRoberts

The first one works, all of the ones after that (inside “show full post”) returned the error message shown above.

Try refreshing the page. I had to update the perm link. You may be looking at a old rendered version of the post.

Still broken.

same here, they all seem broken to me too.

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These links don’t work

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I don’t understand the “Show Full Post” button. Before clicking that, I have the two bullet items the blog post shows at But after clicking it, those bullet items go away and are replaced by the four broken links (none work for me). Shouldn’t showing the full post show everything? Discourse confuses me often…

Regardless, I assume the four links shouldn’t be there at all since they aren’t in the blog post, right?

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also, on the blog, the comments from this thread are showing as from 1970

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Weird, must be the plugin, I’ll have to report it to wordpress, but, the link works for me 100% of the time.

The show full post link is useless, so, just ignore it, lol. Will report that to discourse as well.

This is the link I am seeing on the OP:

If you don’t see that I have no idea why… lol

I wonder how old @slagle was when he posted this in Jan 1970. I bet he wasn’t even born. :smiley:

January 1, 1970
Hmmmmm, works for me, @JDRoberts


Ever seen the movie “Predestination”? If not, you should, and it would explain a lot. haha.

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No, but I’ve seen “Back to the Future”. I suspect you’ve gone back in time trying to change the present. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll wake up in the new world where SmartThings is the largest company in the world and you’re hosting a 2-hours long Special Event at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. :wink:


Yep, that link shows up in the post and works fine. If you click “Show Full Post” the worthwhile content disappears, but the bottom of the post shows the first permalink you used ( which also works by redirecting to the correct link.

How do you sign up for the Beta Tester Program? The links are all jacked in this post.

“Show full post” is something that dicourse added to the plugin… No idea what it does and I have zero control over how it works. It is showing the footer of the post for some reason.

All the links are available in the footer of the blog or the developer site.

Thanks, they were not working earlier. Work fine now though.

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I hope the beta program will make the platform release more stable

How in the world did you break the minimotes and your post at the same time? :sweat_smile:

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