Is there a way to... see posts from most recent to oldest?

I find myself clicking on a link, reading the first post and starting to make a comment only to realize (or worse, not realizing and making a fool out of myself) that the post I am replying to was written in 2014! Can I set the forum to default to show me newest messages first and scroll back? I know that sounds REALLY BASIC but I can’t find it.

This forum software and my setup don’t work well together anyway, I’m always getting lost and scrolling somewhere I didn’t mean to scroll (laptop on bed with lousy mouse, etc…) but this makes it ten times worse.

TO CLARIFY, I mean AFTER I click on the link. In other words, I am seeing topics from newest to oldest, but once I click on a thread, I see the oldest post first. I want to see the newest post first.


Not that I know of. I usually click on the count in the lower right of the discussion and jump to the bottom and read up a few posts. It’s the opposite of what you want, but it may work for you:


That is what I (try to) do now. My laptop setup is annoying. Visiting from my iPad is easier and that is what I do most of the time. Thank you.

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