My replies don't always link to the comment I'm replying to. Why?

This is a forum question and not a ST question. Often when i try to reply to a comment, I’ll click the reply button in the bottom right of their comment. I’ll see their name above the text editor for my own comment, and then I’ll submit my reply only to find that the “link” doesn’t exist anymore. am i doing something wrong? this feels basic, but i can’t figure out why its happening

Can you link to a specific post where this happened?

It depends which post have you replied.

If you reply to the OP, then no link, if you reply to the last post, then no link.

If you reply to any other post, then it should show the link on the top right with the icon of the writer of the post you replied to (mobile version).


Am I right @HA_fanatic?

testing. replying to the last post

i’ll bet it’s when i reply to the last post, which i just tested down below and i didnt get the reply icon. i’m guessing this will have the icon now because its a middle post



Actually it had the icon, because I just posted a few seconds before you. :wink:

Otherwise, the best method is to tag the person, who you are replying to, because then it will receive a notification or even an email. @steinauf

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when i first made my reply, the icon didnt show. now it’s showing though. tagging is good though

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Or just quote them, because then everybody else in the thread can see what you’re replying to.

(And before you say you can tap on the name in the upper right to see what the person is replying to, a) that’s more work and B) that doesn’t work for those of us using screen readers. :wink:)


Fair enough, unfortunately on a phone it is hard time to time do the quoting. I just cannot select a whole post or just part of it correctly.

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