Can't integrate Samsung Tv to Google Home App

Thanks. Smarthings is unable to recognize the Samsung58 NU7100UN set and then send it to Google Home App. The curious thing is that other Samsung Tv set is easily recognized. Please, any comments?

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I’d like to first collect some additional information so I can provide specific troubleshooting steps for your concern. The method of connection (Wifi/Ethernet)

  1. Have you been able to first onboard the Samsung 58’’ NU7100 model television into the ST Application to have it show as a controllable Device, not a directly connected Bluetooth device by using the Model code or using the scan for nearby devices option?
  • If not, I recommend a factory reset of the television that forces a re-authentication of the Samsung Account and accepting the terms and conditions. The option for reset can be in one of two places depending on your model television.

First Location: Settings Menu > General > Select Reset > enter your PIN (0000 is the default). Select Reset and select ‘yes’ your TV will restart automatically.

Second Location: Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset.

After performing the reset, setting up the network, and logging into your Samsung Account. Please attempt to onboard the device using the option to scan for nearby ready devices.

  1. If you have already onboarded the TV into ST App and it is controllable with Scenes/ Routine Automations, and previously had connected other Samsung TV’s to the Google Home Integration, you would need to re-connect your Smart Things Account in the Google Home App’s ‘Works with Google’ for the device to appear in your Google Home device list awaiting to be assigned to a ‘Home, and room’. It varies by model and could appear as a TV or TV (Switch) in the Google Home App.

If the symptoms continue to persist, I’d recommend creating a support ticket.

I wanted to provide you with the contact information for direct support in your region.


I hope this message finds you well!


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