Google Home considers my Samsung smart tv series 5 as a switch

I have a Samsung smart tv series 5. I can add that tv to the Smartthings app.
But when I try to link Google Home with Smartthings, Google Home just sees the TV as a switch.
Please see the images:

Is there something I can do about this? I tried to unlink Smarthings and link it again but that didn’t help.

This is somewhat related: Google Home thinks my Switch is an Outlet

But I’m not sure what to do in my case.

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Having same trouble. @vanminh Did you find any solution?

@omkartapale I couldn’t find any solutions.

Samsung Smart Appliances, Vacuums, and TVs

If you’re looking for help with Samsung brand appliances, vacuums, or televisions, including how they work with the “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” app, see the official support forum, which includes assistance from Samsung staff:

At the time of this writing you had to go to the landing page, and then click on the “get help“ link in the upper left. That would then take you to the page where you could select the forum for appliances or for televisions.

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