Blink Hue Bulbs in Color upon Presence Arrival

I’m new to Hue, but have been using Smartthings for a little bit now.
Here’s the equipment list currently.

  1. Smartthings V2 Hub
  2. Presence Sensor (left in Car glove box)
  3. Hue V2 Bridge
  4. Hue BR30 bulb above kitchen sink.

I’d like the Kitchen bulb to blink Blue when the presence sensor arrives. But I’d like it to return to it’s previous state (on/off, color, intensity, etc) after blinking to announce the presence.

Is this possible to automate?

You can use a SmartApp from the community to make this work called The Flasher. You will need to install the SmartApp from the web to make this work I don’t think it is published on the mobile app (well I can’t find it)

You can add a new smartapp from the web and either add from Template and the app “The Flasher” is what you want or take the code from this post.

Once installed and published for yourself. You can add a rule that does virtually what you need. (Not sure about the different colour bit)

Happy to talk this though in more detail if you need it.

Using a derivate of the Flasher is mentioned very often but actually it does not work at all. The “flashes” drown in latency misery. IOS apps flashing HUE’s show almost zero latency probs so it’s obviously the architectural “cloud” concept and integration software problems with Smartthings. Too bad.