Blink a light with motion

New user here, need some advice on how to set this up.
I have a color ZigBee RGBW Bulb that is set up to turn on fairly dim and slightly red from dusk till dawn in my living room. I’d like to set something up where my motion sensor’s at my front door will blink that light or possibly run it through a set of color’s then go back to what ever state it was before. Any Idea’s?


check out webCoRE


That looks really awesome! Thanks… working on it now!

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That is so flipping cool! The initial set up was a pain, but man the possibilities! So now, not only will I get a notification on my phone no matter where I am, but anyone home hanging out in the living room will also know if someone comes to the front door or pulls into the driveway. I set it up to flash that light red white and blue for 5 secs when motion is detected out front.

Thanks a bunch!


Would love to do this but can’t get my head around Web core any help. Would be really great fuel