Lighting groups and using them in WebCORE automations

I have added a few light groups in the “new” smartthings app. I however do not seem to be able to find how I can select these groups within webcore. I’ve tested that the broadcast for these groups works perfectly, now i’m just trying to integrate it into my automation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You can’t use them in any automations or webcore yet.

Are you talking about a group of lights that could be defined in a device variable and then acted upon?

device Light_Group = Light_1, Light_2, Light_3

And then act on Light_Group?
Such as

With Light_Group
Turn ON
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I’m pretty new to webcore. Is there somewhere you could point me to where people are keeping up on this? It would be tremendously helpful as it works flawless in the tiles (in app). I have several fixtures in my home which have 5+ bulbs in them and the popcorn effect really is annoying at times.


See this thread too with a little more info on lighting groups.

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