Are ST Lighting Groups supposed to be discoverable by Alexa?

After the upgrade from classic, a lot of my Alexa groups stopped working. Since the new smartthings app supports lighting groups, I figured it would be a good chance to set them up there. However, I can’t get them to be discovered by Alexa. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a limitation?

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But I believe that feature is not working. Only room assigments are passed to Alexa.

Alexa does not support rooms or groups sent from partners unfortunately, that is a limitation on Alexa side. I guess we could potentially expose lighting groups in the future as a single light.


That’s how the old custom app TrendSetter worked and worked great with Alexa but of course it doesn’t display correctly in the New App.

I like this. Lighting Groups as a whole are so far a disappointment. But I guess that’s for another thread…

This is the approach that Phillips hue uses for hue groups with Alexa, and it works pretty well.

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An old thread but I just ran into this. I’d say lighting groups are near useless as l-is. At least allow them in rooms in ST, but certainly they should look like a single device to external systems like Alexa. Otherwise we create virtual switches to give us what we want.