Can't add Logitech Harmony Hub to Smartthings app

It works well for me.


Just a quick note. IDE and groovy will be eventually be phased out so you may want to avoid trying to install from that templates section from now on as anything you install there will likely be short-term at this point.

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Ok thanks. I did find the harmony connect template in smartapps so I’m part way there. It seems like there are app settings I need to complete (client ID and secret ID for the harmony hub), and have no idea how to discover these.

But I take your point, if it will stop working at some point then maybe better not to start relying on it. So I’ll need some other solution. Back to googling.

Thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately not an option for me.

I may be wrong but I thought harmony activities are available to ST when you connect to ST through Harmony.

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All I see in Harmony app when I view my SmartThings “device” is the momentary button tile I created earlier today which controls a Tuya wifi breaker via IFTTT.

Hopefully other users will help you get it working. I stopped using it a couple of years ago so I can’t offer any assistance.

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So you installed the smartapp in Groovy right? Can you now see the smartapp in the “Automations” part of the ST app on your phone?

If so, what happens when click on it?

Have you linked your Smartthings hub / account in the Harmony app as well?

[Menu → Harmony Setup → Add/Edit Devices → Devices → ADD DEVICE → HOME CONTROL → Smartthings]

Thanks skinnypope. Yes, I installed the harmony connect app. It does appear in automations in SmartThings app and first time I clicked it I was asked to login to harmony, which I’ve done.

Now when I click it I’m asked to select my hub and activities, but beyond that I’m not sure how to use it. I checked back in harmony app and still the only action available from the SmartThings device I see there relates to the pre existing momentary button tile I set up via IFTTT. No option to call harmony activities.

Now it’s working! I just had to re-authorise the SmartThings account within harmony and then harmony imported all the activity startup commands.

Awesome, now I can call activity startups within harmony as home control commands, so can make use of them after my existing home control command which switches on the Tuya breaker (which powers the TV). So now the TV will switch on and off.

It does rely on the IDE, which @jkp has pointed out won’t stay working for long, so maybe I have to find another way eventually, but this will do for now. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Harmony Support locked my original account and I’m now trying to start fresh with a Gmail account. I am not able to login the Harmony Connect smartapp, when you click on the “G” icon nothing happens. This does the same both my iPhone and iPad, anyone got this issue and was able to resolve it!?