Can't Add Kwikset 914 Z-Wave Lock

I recently received a replacement Kwikset 914 lock for a malfunctioning lock and am having problems getting it added to SmartThings. I have 2 other smart locks that I added in the past without any issues but for some reason this one isn’t adding. I even tried to remove the lock and take it right next to the hub to add and it still wouldn’t add. Pressing the A button on the lock will light up the red light for about 5 seconds and then it disappears. Smartthings app just keeps spinning trying to add it until it times out. I’ve also tried to reset the lock and try all the steps above but no success. Is there currently an issue with SmartThings being able to add devices, or does anyone have any other ideas to get it to pair?

I had the same issue with a Kwikset lock [different model] and the only way i could add it was by not selecting the exact model number. When adding the device, try brand/kwikset/door locks/kwikset z-wave.

Also try excluding the device in the app then try to pair.

This locks supports an anti theft feature. Was it paired to any other system earlier? If so you’ll have to exclude it from that system otherwise try a generic exclusion before pairing.

Try these steps:

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, my comments are below:

I had already tried this. Originally I tried to pair by just going to Brand > Kwikset > Z-Wave and that didn’t work after a few attempts. I then tried going in and manually choosing the 914 and tried to pair but also got the same results.

I tried this as well. It says the device excludes, and I even did a factory default on the lock as well which is “supposed” to clear out any z-wave associations per the manual.

It was not paired anywhere else before, I got it directly from Kwikset. I’ve tried the exclude option as well as the factory default option on the lock.

Disregard my previous post. Thanks RBoy! I finally found the general device exclusion in the new app and was able to exclude successfully and then re-add.

And thanks everyone else for the suggestions. I guess a huge miss on my part.

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