Cannot select Hulu profile after launching

I’m waiting for a new Samsung remote thus I’m launching Hulu app via SmartThings app. When I select Hulu from my tv’s home menu and Hulu launches, I am unable to select my profile-I only have one, my own. What appears to be a cursor, a circle with a dot in the middle, appears when I tap on my profile name, which I can move around the screen and even when I hover it over my profile name and tap, nothing happens. I then tried to exit Hulu and although I can move between No-Keep Watching and Yes-Exit, that pesky “cursor” reappears and I can select neither so I can’t even logout and back in. Netflix works fine. I have a relatively new Samsung QLED tv. I can open Hulu from my iPhone and stream to tv using Airplay no problem but it’s not as good as managing tv as Smartthings.


i’m having the same issue

I was having the same exact issue, but it seems like instead of clicking or double clicking you have to hold down your “click”, so just long press once for maybe 6 seconds and it should work after you release! Hope this works!

After searching for an hour for a solution and couldn’t find one, I spent another hour trying to figure it out on my own. To make a selection in apps when the circle with the dot comes inside is to hold the trackpad for 2 seconds and from there draw a check mark and it will work. I have tested it a few times and works every time, just make sure to hold down for at least 2 seconds until the circle doesn’t move when you start to draw.


I’m sorry but is this not a ridiculous issue to be having in this day and age? The app goes as far as providing touchpad emulation but removes any way to click actual menu items?

I’m having the same issue on my IPad Pro and none of the mentioned workarounds are doing it.

Is there perhaps a more sane approach I am just not seeing?


I’m having the same problem on Hulu and Amazon prime. It’s ridiculously frustrating

I am having the same issue on Hulu. I wonder if their app isn’t set up to handle the double click.

So this thread has been going on since august, with everyone having the same exact issue, with no response or answer and we are now 9 months later.

It’s so frustrating.

This problem with the cursor turning into a circle I have been having also and the only way I can get it to turn back into an arrow is to close out HULU and then just re-open it again.

Hope this helps because clicking on the center wheel of your mouse certainly does not.

100% works for me now not sure if fix or whatever, very inconvenient but it worked for me (samsungs q70)

Had the same issue (hulu)

Im using controller 4d pad on Samsung smart things app

Navigate to show - place circle cursor over item - hold 4dpad till it disappears (few seconds) - then quickly double tap

Found in another thread somewhere…

Guide cursor to your selection, and hover over it… release your touch. Press down again and hold for just a moment Over the same selection, and then in a “checkmark” motion, swipe away

MY SOLUTION: Instead of using the 4d pad, I switched to the number pad and pressed the “ok” button. I had tried to previous suggestion of hovering the cursor over it, releasing, and then pressing and it 100% didn’t work for me. The cursor was on my profile name since I’d just tried that so if the number pad “ok” button doesn’t work try putting the cursor over the profile name first.

Also incredibly lame that smarthub hasn’t fixed this issue.

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Same issue. This thing is. The circle thing wasn’t there before but today it just came out of nowhere. Help please, can we disable it, the work arounds make this app useless

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This works! Thanks

Switching to the number pad and hitting select does work. Crazy how this is not worked out. Why does double tapping the 4d TouchPad not act the same way as hitting select? This seems like a simple problem to fix

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Worked for me. Still don’t understand why this just appeared on Hulu. It wasn’t there with other apps

I share a Hulu Plus subscription with some family. of profiles associated with your account, allowing you to choose the sign in profile.

Holding for two seconds and doing check mark with fingered worked!!!
It was driving me crazy! Hope they get all the feedback and fix it quick as the cursor serves no purpose if you can toggle