Cannot link Smarthtings to my google home account


I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Running Android 10.

Whenever i try and link smartthings to my google account it goes through the process and says linked successfully but it doesn’t actually show up as a linked service within the google app. It shows as linked in the google security settings but i cannot control or even see any of my Samsung devices in the google home app

I’ve tried un-linking it everywhere. signing in with different browser. deleted Samsung smarthings account and deleting google home account ive tried a different google account and a different android phone. Nothing seems to get it to show up. Google say its a Samsung issue. And i cant find any phone number for uk smartthings support and the live chat is down due to corona. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hey there!

Thank you for reaching out for assistance.

Are you linked to the services within the Google Home app? You would need to go to your Works with Devices and ensure that you have your Smartthings Account credentials entered.

Additionally you can try clearing the cache of both the Google Home and Smart Things application and then attempting a re-link of the services.

You can clear the cache in the Storage settings of the each application, I’d recommend giving that a try.

I hope this message finds you well!