Cannot get GE add-on switch to work correctly with the GE smart wi-fi dimmer switch

So, I am running into a strange issue and need help…

In the basment, I have 6 can lights I want to get on smart dimmer. Originally, they were controlled by two 3-way switches on each end of the hallway.

I got the GE WiFi dmart dimmer switch and the Enbrighten Add-on switch and set to installing them. I installed a few of these on a single-pole switches and worked great, so I know the basics.

The way the electricians wired up this house is interesting:

On side A, they had 4 wires (line (black), Neutral(Traveler 2 white), Traveller 1(red) and Ground(bare copper). All of these are run to the other switch box. (side B)

All of these tap into side B. Side B also had the load line running up to the switch.

What I did was this:


  • I put then main switch on side B by doing the following:

  • Undid the line that ran to side B and side A (denoted by X in crude drawing)

  • Tapped into line bundle in Side B for line

  • Connected Red traveler

  • Tapped into neutral bundle for nuetral

  • Black load was attached to load for the light control

  • I tapped the white (which was traveller) into nuetral bundle thereby making it a true nuetral for side A.

On side A, I connected, the ground, red traveller and now white nuetral.

Here is the issue:

Side B works fine - can dim lights using app and Alexa integration
Side A add-on does not work - If I hold the paddle up and down, it will brighten and dim, but not hold. As soon as I let go - lights go off.

What am I doing wrong? Please advise!

Also, I tried calling Jasco tech support and they are not open apparently, I left a voicemail as well.

Thanks all!