Cannot Dismiss Incedent in Smart Home Monitor

I get this screen on my phone and cannot dismiss the alert. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalled the app, removing the security smart app and reinstalling. any advise?

I had this happen a few times. One of two things helps… I ignore it and later tin the day it will dismiss when I try or I reboot the app on my ios and then it clears.

Hey bigpun! My name is Victor and I’m with the SmartThings Support Team.

Just wanted to reach out to see if you were able to bypass this Smart Home Monitor Incident screen as of yet!

If you are on an Android device, please go into the Google Play store and search for “Android System Webview” and if there is on available, go ahead and update the application.

However, if you are on a Pixel then this, unfortunately, will not work as the Pixel does not use Android System Webview. In that case, I recommend sending us a support ticket request at so that we can track this issue as well as offer a solution for you!

Take care!


Had the same issue today. Updating Android System Webview corrected the problem. Thanks Victor!