Cannot dim down to 1%

Does the Samsung Smart things app allow dimming down to 1% as part of automation or within the smart apps inside? I only see 10% and the problem is that my lights dim down to about 50% when I use 10%.

So right now I have to manually reduce the lights to 1% which looks like what I need.

Can this be included in an app update please?

Unfortunately the stock Smart Lighting app can only do 10%, CoRE should be able to do 1% and yes it would be nice if they updated Smart Lighting so you could set any numerical value between 1 and 100%.

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Like @Benji said, CoRE is your best bet right now, though 1% might be a little too low.

Frankly, the way we currently do dimming percentages is just bad.

Generally speaking, most lights accept a value between 0 and 255, and the 10, 20, 30% is literally just 25.5, 51, 56.5, etc.

Really it should be a logarithmic function so that there are actually 10 distinct brightness levels. I’d like to see this changed during 2017!


1% does sound really low, but for me for some reason with one of my Zwave bulbs I use at night in a nursery this bulb does not dim like most do and setting it to 1% gets it as low as possible - still not as low as a normal dimmer switch could go.

that being said, if you set a bulb to 1% using the app when you turn the bulb back on it will still be at 1%. also, an easy way to get it to 1% quickly is to use Alexa and tell her to to set to 1%. the other option for doing automation is CORE as mentioned above.

Thanks for all the info. Can someone please help me understand what CoRE is? I mean I Googled it and read all advanced stuff but nothing basic for new learner, is this an app within Samsung Smartthings app?

Try starting here. The first part that you’ll need to learn is how to install custom Device Handlers (DH) also known as Device Types and how to install custom Smart Apps. Then, install CoRE. CoRE is very flexible and can be somewhat intimidating but you can start slow and easy.

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Yes, it’s a custom smartapp. You install it to your own account, and after that you can open it from inside the SmartThings mobile app to create your own rules, which core calls “pistons.”

Use CoRE or something like Gentle Wake Up app. I sometimes use Gentle Wake Up to slowly turn lights on. I also use it to dim when watching a movie from whatever the lamp is at to 1% over a set period of time. Gentle Wake Up is found in ST under automations>Marketplace>SmartApps>Lights $ Swtches.

1% is not too low. It sounds low, but when watching a movie or turning on a light when it’s pitch black in a room 1% is very illuminating.

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Back in the dark ages of Wink & GE bulbs 1-3% was all you needed for a hall light at night. It was just enough to give you a fighting chance of not tripping over a cat in the middle of the night. Now my solution is to use Hue bulbs and set them to 20% & red or blue. Still bright enough to not step on a cat, but not so bright that it wakes you up.

I do basically the same thing as RLD. I have a hue bulb or lightstrip in all of my common areas, and if the motion sensors pick up anything when the house is asleep, a CoRE piston fires to set the relevant lights to 3% dark red (which doesn’t screw up night vision). Has worked great, and has a high WAF :wink: No more kicking our black cat!

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I think it depends on the device itself. I mostly have GE Z-Wave light switches and with the coupled with the types of bulbs I have it would seem that I need to be at 5% at minimum for the bulbs to even turn on.

Hi there @csuk , I want to dim my Ikea GU10 tradfri bulb to 3% using an automation. The Smartlighting smartapp only allows brightness control in denominations of 10%, so i used core which seemed to allow denominations of 1%. However, regardless, it only seems to be dimming to 10% when the Core automation is triggered.

Could this be something to do with the device handler I’m using (ZLL Colour temperature bulb)?

All help much appreciated