Cannot delete my Nest device; Suggestions?

So I was using the custom Nest type and have since switched to an Ecobee3. Problem is I cannot delete the Nest device from either my things list on my app or via the web portal. When I try to delete it on my app it just sits there swirling and nothing happens. When I try to delete the device from ‘my devices’ in the API it states “Cannot invoke method run() on null object”.

Any clue how to remove this from my smartthings? It is not being used with any smartapps.

I had this exact same problem! Turns out it was a problem with the device handler script.


Login to “

My Device Handler -> smartthings-users : Nest

Delete the device handler script text. It should be blank. “Save” and then “Publish” -> “For Me”.

My Devices -> Nest Thermostat -> “Delete” button.