Cannot remove bad devices from app

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has come across this issue. When I first setup the new app I connected it to Ecobee and had a problem with it so removed the integration. However I have several Ecobee sensors that are stuck and cannot be removed from the app now. I have tried the obvious things. Reinstalled the app, etc. They do NOT show up in the IDE. However cannot be deleted from the iOS new app UI. Clicking on the negative icon does nothing. Any ideas?

Do you see any of your other devices in IDE? I am wondering if, by chance, you have more than one home location. Check in IDE at

Also, install the classic app and try to remove them. If you used a smartapp to connect your ecobee devices, try removing them from that app.

I have the same issue with the new app. Its out of sync with what you actually see in the IDE for that location. I’m missing new devices, name changes, DTH changes, and Room issues. Everything is fine in Classic, so I’d suspect you’d see the same thing if you’d use the Classic app. Email support like I did, and hopefully you’ll get a reply. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks now for their first reply…

Some more info. The bad sensors do NOT show up in the classic app or the automation settings for Ecobee. So, it looks like this is an issue with the new app. No issues with any other devices, rooms, DTH, etc. Do not have two home locations.

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I have a problem ,too. I cannot delete old device that error from new smartapp but I cannot see this device in IDE or classic app.

Any fix for this ?

Same issue. Phantom device.

Did you ever solve it and how?