Cannot create "Custom automation"

I am trying to make a custom automation, and i continue to get a Network Error when clicking Done. Is this a dead feature? I was hoping for many of my simple interactions, this would be enough (especially since I could not figure out how to add my own SmartApp to my home), but if it won’t save, i obviously can’t even test if it will be enough.

What kind of devices are you trying to use? Screen shot?

They problem appears to be when trying to use my Samsung range as the trigger, it prevents the automation from saving. Other simple light and switch automations seen to be saving okay. Bummer that the actual Samsung device is what is having the problem.

Mine was doing that for my vacuum for a while. Come to find out, the device was added in the new app, but never copied over to the Classic app and groovy IDE. Check and see if the range exists in the device list.

Yeah, range is showing up there, and I can use the IDE to view status of it, etc.

interesting. Must be a different problem then what I was having, then.