Cannot authorize with access token through CLI

I installed the smartthings cli on my Mac, and it seems to be working, but I’m unable to authorize. When I run smartthings --version, it displays fine. When I run smartthings rooms I get a browser window that pops up asking for me to authorize. I do, and I get " Failure obtaining access token."

I’ve tried getting around that by generation a personal access token, but when I do that smartthings rooms --token=my_token, I get
Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain

Any help would be appreciated

Hi, @MABeatty1978!

That’s odd…
Which version of the CLI are you using?

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michaels-mbp /tmp % smartthings --version
@smartthings/cli/1.0.0-beta.14 darwin-x64 node-v16.16.0

Ok, I cannot reproduce the issue with the same version.

Can you check if the debug mode shows another message that describes the issue, please?

please check if this command works:

SMARTTHINGS_DEBUG=true smartthings <command>

[2022-08-24T10:21:41.457] [DEBUG] login-authenticator - authentication - enter
[2022-08-24T10:21:41.460] [DEBUG] login-authenticator - login start: listening on port 61973
[2022-08-24T10:21:41.882] [DEBUG] login-authenticator - redirecting to SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.
[2022-08-24T10:22:04.543] [DEBUG] login-authenticator - making axios request:
[2022-08-24T10:22:04.635] [ERROR] login-authenticator - error obtaining token: self signed certificate in certificate chain
[2022-08-24T10:22:09.675] [ERROR] login-authenticator - unable to get authentication info
logging in… failed

Thank you for the info, one last thing to generate a report about this:

  1. Confirm if your email used in SmartThings is the same you use in this forum.
  2. Provide access to your account:
    1. Go to the SmartThings Web (
    2. Log in to your Samsung Account
    3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
    4. Toggle on Account Data Acces
    5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again.

Yes, same email address and provided access. Thank you.

OK, thank you for the info.

I already reported the issue to the team. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi, @MABeatty1978!

Following up on this case.
The team hasn’t been able to replicate the issue even using your account, so, we’d like to know more about your environment, so could you provide the following, please?

  • Are you using a VPN or Proxy? If so, which one?
  • What is your default browser (and which version is it using)?