Cannot add second VZ Samsung Tracker SM-V110V (2018.11)

2 years ago I purchased 2 VZ Samsung Tracker (SM-V110V) from Verizon Wireless. I added one tracker to smartthings two years ago and it worked. I had to create a VZW account and added the IMEI number to my account and have been charged ever since. A month ago I tried to add the second tracker (post new Samsung Smartthings) but before I added the tracker to my smartthings I added the new IMEI to my VZW account. When adding the tracker to my Smartthings app on my LG phone, the smartthings app reaches 99% completion of the tracker and after 2-3 min it says successful and the tracker is nowhere to be found in the smartthings app. I check IDE and nothing. I opened a case with Samsung and sent them logs and I also checked with VZ and they see the tracker registering to their LTE service but no cigar. Samsung instructs me to uninstall and re-install smartthings and I did and no change. Samsung ask to make sure permissions are allowed on my phone for location, etc and no change. I even went the extra mile and purchased a new VZ Samsung Tracker and had VZW swap the IMEI for the new one and no change. At the moment Samsung is investigating but sometime I get an error message on the smartthings app when adding the tracker of - “Couldn’t add device There’s a problem related to permissions. Contact Customer Service for help”. I am open for suggestions.

This thread may offer some details… but in regards to AT&T

Tagging @Automated_House in case there is a difference with Verizon

Verizon should still work for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets retired in the coming months also.

Hi jkp. I did read the thread you suggested but this is a bit different. The device is registering with the VZW LTE antenna (confirmed with VZW tech online). Also, I do see green and red blinking lights on my tracker. From the tracker’s stand point it is working but I think the problem is the tracker properly registering to the smartthings app. Sometimes during the installation attempt I get a permissions error on Smartthings which says to call Customer Service. I know for a fact that I was able to add a tracker before our smartthings accounts were migrated to the samsung account.

I agree but I was not given any indication of that when I was speaking to the VZW techs. I will try to add the 2nd tracker to my brother’s smartthings account which has no existing tracker installed. I will let you know how that goes. In the meantime I have a ticket open with Samsung/Smartthings and they are bad at support. Really bad.

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No luck on my brother’s ST account. I now have two VZW smartthings tracker and both are not able to register on ST. VZW sees the tracker active on their LTE network. I had VZW swap IMEI #s and no luck with ST but in both cases the number shows active in LTE land. Basically, the first tracker I registered two years ago is working and the VZW tech confirmed that the new tracker is provisioned exactly like the working one (supposedly).

Did you ever get your tracker working? I have two old ones that have been working fine but I can not get a new one to register in the app. The Verizon side appears to be good but the tracker is not completing registration in the app.

Hi. I opened a ticket with Samsung and supposedly there developer is working on it ( 3 weeks have passed by the way). I did suggest to Samsung that I was willing to ship the tracker to them but they told me it is unnecessary. I guess that means they know what the problem is. I will keep you posted.

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Do me a favor open a ticket with Samsung and reference my ticket. That can speed up the process if they see more people reporting the problem. Ticket info below. I also attached an image with number.

[SmartThings] Re: 1255862 | Customer is trying to connect Verizon Tracker but it stops at 99%

Here is samsung email for support

I opened a ticket on the 8th that supposedly has been escalated. They
had me send logs too. There were some errors in the logs but they could
be normal behavior. My ticket is 1288598.


PS - If you’re curious here’s a link to my failed log:

I will take a look at the logs when I get home. I has to provide the same type of logs several times. I even purchased a new tracker and had VZ change the IMEI to the new tracker and same results. My conclusion (a guess) is that the link/communication between Smartthings and VZ iOT is broken for new VZ/Samsung iOT registrations. This probably happened when Samsung transitioned from Smartthings to Samsung accounts. This explains why all previous trackers worked because they were probably registered over a year ago. When was your two trackers registered?

To clarify when was your two working trackers registered and working?

I started the first tracker about 11/16/2019 added one about 09/15/2020.
I’m not sure which app I used.


The recent smartthings update fixed the tracker issue. (released on 12/14/21 on Android). Finally, I am able to have two VZ Smartthings tracker. Let me know if it the new update worked for you.
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