Cannot add second VZ Samsung Tracker SM-V110V (2018.11)

2 years ago I purchased 2 VZ Samsung Tracker (SM-V110V) from Verizon Wireless. I added one tracker to smartthings two years ago and it worked. I had to create a VZW account and added the IMEI number to my account and have been charged ever since. A month ago I tried to add the second tracker (post new Samsung Smartthings) but before I added the tracker to my smartthings I added the new IMEI to my VZW account. When adding the tracker to my Smartthings app on my LG phone, the smartthings app reaches 99% completion of the tracker and after 2-3 min it says successful and the tracker is nowhere to be found in the smartthings app. I check IDE and nothing. I opened a case with Samsung and sent them logs and I also checked with VZ and they see the tracker registering to their LTE service but no cigar. Samsung instructs me to uninstall and re-install smartthings and I did and no change. Samsung ask to make sure permissions are allowed on my phone for location, etc and no change. I even went the extra mile and purchased a new VZ Samsung Tracker and had VZW swap the IMEI for the new one and no change. At the moment Samsung is investigating but sometime I get an error message on the smartthings app when adding the tracker of - “Couldn’t add device There’s a problem related to permissions. Contact Customer Service for help”. I am open for suggestions.

This thread may offer some details… but in regards to AT&T

Tagging @Automated_House in case there is a difference with Verizon

Verizon should still work for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets retired in the coming months also.

Hi jkp. I did read the thread you suggested but this is a bit different. The device is registering with the VZW LTE antenna (confirmed with VZW tech online). Also, I do see green and red blinking lights on my tracker. From the tracker’s stand point it is working but I think the problem is the tracker properly registering to the smartthings app. Sometimes during the installation attempt I get a permissions error on Smartthings which says to call Customer Service. I know for a fact that I was able to add a tracker before our smartthings accounts were migrated to the samsung account.

I agree but I was not given any indication of that when I was speaking to the VZW techs. I will try to add the 2nd tracker to my brother’s smartthings account which has no existing tracker installed. I will let you know how that goes. In the meantime I have a ticket open with Samsung/Smartthings and they are bad at support. Really bad.

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