SmartThings Tracker Error in new app

Hi all,

I pre-ordered the new tracker and got it today. Unfortunately, it gives me an error when I try to set it up, but the error is not very helpful. But I also have an issue with two home locations in my IDE and a bunch of unknown devices in the new app. I sent an email to support over two weeks ago and haven’t heard a thing.

Oh - and before you chime in with “just use the old app” believe me I am. I don’t plan on changing anytime soon. However, the tracker only works in the new app so I have to use it for that versus the classic app. Screenshots are below.

Can anyone tag a Samsung ST person that is the correct one so that they can read this? I think it’s pretty stupid that I started me free year of LTE coverage for the tracker today and I can’t even use it.

Try calling support instead of emailing. 1-800-SAMSUNG. Get your spot in the phone queue and then they will call you back, no waiting on hold. The few times I used phone support I have been called back within an hour.


what happens if you change the location to the other Home in the new app?

There is only one Home Option in the new App.

I’m in the same boat. I gave custommer support a call and on Android Pie the new Smartthings app can’t download device controllers. You’ll need to use it from another device that’s not on Android 9 yet.

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