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I have the bridge for Mysmartblinds and at this point, there’s only Alexa integration. I would love to be able to get the blinds to show up as “things” in ST and willing to use a Raspberry Pi as a bridge until they officially support ST. Anyone know how to get the bridge to work with ST?

(Douglas Krug) #242

I’m all ears. If anyone knows of a way to activate Alexa Skills w/o spoken word, that would be fantastic. However, I believe that is not allowed. iSmartAlarm released an Alexa skill that reacts immediately, as opposed to the terrible IFTTT integration that takes several minutes at times!

For things like blinds, you can obviously trigger a digital recording and activate that way. Might get some weird looks, but it’ll work.

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For Stelpro Thermostats consider these links:


Version 3 Hub

I am considering Smartthings and see that I can order the Version 3 hub from for delivery to Canada. There is one user review on that says the version 3 hub does not (and may not ever) work in Canada. Does anyone know if the version 3 hub works in Canada? Is Smartthings (Samsung) determining the physical location of the hub and then not allowing access to their servers?

Thanks, Elliot

(Douglas Krug) #245

@elliotk1 You’ll be much happier with Hubitat. Send me a note on their community site and I’ll tell you more about my setup. I’m in Toronto too.


I’m new to the Smarthings group and have the v3 hub here in Canada and no it doesn’t work right now. I talked to their support and they stated that when it launched it was supposed to have Canadian support but it’s been delayed. He stated that they have had many requests for it to work in Canada and that they were working on it but didn’t have an ETA. Told me to keep checking back with their blog and was hopeful it would be working in a few weeks. I’m hoping so or I’ve thrown away a pile of money. Since the other older 2 versions work I can’t see them not getting support for this one as well.

It does make a decent paperweight right now though. :wink:


@William_Poznansky, LOL. Hope they get it working soon. Seriously thinking of going Wink or scaled back and go TP-Link wifi.

Thanks, Elliot


I will never do Wink. I tried them and their support was even worse. I bought some generic z-wave door sensors and while I could connect them to the hub they wouldn’t report at all. Called into their support and they said that for starters their email notification system hadn’t been working for over a month and they had no idea what was wrong. But better yet they said that if the device is not on their qualified list they can’t guarantee anything will work even though I pointed out they specifically said on their site that most generic z-wave devices will work but may have limited functionality. I got zero functionality and they basically said too bad.

I won’t ever look at Wink again, but that’s my story.

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Thanks for sharing

(Douglas Krug) #250

Check out Hubitat. Use groovy code from SmartThings with few changes and full local control. Not the sudo local that never really reached maturity in SmartThings.

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SmartThings now being sold at Lowes in Canada.

(Scott Taylor) #252

Great to see! Now if the great deals on Iris brand ST compatible devices like being reported in the U.S. come up here would be very nice to have access to!

(Douglas Krug) #253

Highly doubt they’ll ship old inventory up to the Canadian stores to sell them off. It’s pretty obvious they’re going to drop the Iris line. They don’t say it, but I’ve seen this kind of reply many times before. They aren’t allowed to disclose a product end of life that hasn’t been publicly announced, or they may not know it themselves or the company has not confirmed it with the lower ranks.

(Scott Taylor) #254

Still getting shafted on pricing!!!

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Hey fellow Canadians! I’ve recently moved and won’t be setting up my ST system again. I’m looking to sell the whole shabang. I have the hub, 3x Centralight wall outlets, 1x GE wall outlet, 1x Smart Sense Motion Sensor, 2x Smart Sense Multi Sensors. Looking for $250CAD

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