(Canada) Advice needed: outdoor smart plugs, a/c, sump pump monitoring, power strip

Hi everyone, looking for different devices that works with Smartthings for these situations

Please note that I am in Canada.

  1. I need some smartplugs that I can install outside for the Winter (Mostly for Christmas lights). They need to survive about -40C. If none exist I could use a link for a good wifi one
  2. Could use a powerbar that you can turn on or off each ports individually
  3. I have an Air conditionner plugged directly into my Breaker, is there a way to turn it intelligent?
  4. Looking for a good Waterleak sensor (my goal is to install 2 into my sump pump hole, 1 that will inform when water is high, one to inform me when water is critical level (and of course notifications when water is OK in the pit


  1. outdoor smart plug - rated at -40C

Check around on prices

  1. smart plug - currently not in stock. There’s is an aeotec power strip but not all the outlets are controllable
  1. water leak sensors, check out dome

(In the future, you might consider making a separate thread for each separate question as I think the conversation is going to get a little confusing.)

Can you explain a little more about your air-conditioner set up? What’s the brand and model of the air-conditioner and what do you mean by “ plugged directly into my breaker”?

My understanding that it is possible to control 4 individual outlets on the Aeotec power bar, but it requires virtual devices and a very complex setup, and there are still some issues with individual switch reporting in the app.