Minoston MP22Z

My hub only has one device to control – Minoston Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug, Outdoor On/Off Outlet Switch (MP22Z). The switch appears in the SmartThings app and I created a set of four automations to turn it on and off to control landscape lighting. Both the hub and the switch are in my garage approx 20ft apart. Also in the garage is a wireless access point. The automations don’t always execute properly – in particular the one that is supposed to turn off the lighting at 11:30PM. So sometimes the lighting remains on all night. When I set this up the switch appears in the SmartThings app simply as “switch” and not the specific model. I purchased it on Amazon and other users are reporting this less than reliable behavior. Suggestions welcomed and appreciated. Cheers.

Multiple complaints about that particular model from people with different hubs, including raspberry pi, wink, ADT Pulse, And, yes, smartthings. So it just looks like that particular model is not very well engineered.

If you want an outdoor rated pocket socket, the GE zwave one is fine, although it’s now one of the more expensive options:

I personally use the Meross model which is a Wi-Fi device with two independently controlled sockets, an official smartthings integration, and also works with HomeKit.

Or the newer model:

With both of these if they are actually outdoors you should hang them pointing down so they don’t get water in them, but they are rated for outdoor use and have ETL safety certification. (Also, if all you need is a time-based schedule, you can just use the manufacturer’s app since these are Wi-Fi devices and avoid any instability introduced by smartthings.)

I’ve heard some good things about the Eva logik Z wave device which is also supposed to have two independently controlled sockets, but I don’t know much about it.

Thank you for this information. I have deleted the Minoston device from the hub. I now have a GE 14284 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch. However I am having difficulty in getting it to connect to the hub. Using the the app I have tried using the device handler without success. I have reset the switch as explained in the user guide but that hasn’t helped. In trying to set it up I have the device approx 10 feet from the hub. Suggestions and assistance appreciated,