Can you monitor a samsung refrigerator temperature with the SmartThings app?

Since Sharptools has access to those capabilities/attributes, you could certainly use that tool to monitor your fridge temperatures and notify you if they go above a certain value. Since any Routine you created in ST would be cloud-based (since the fridge uses OCF to communicate), there is really no downside to using Sharptools to accomplish what you want.

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Understood… But I was hoping that since I have smartthings, and a Samsung fridge… I could just use one all encompassing app to see the values vs using a separate app just to monitor those two values. If the values are available, I was hoping they could just incorporate those into the smartthings view. Which would Hopefully allow for rules/ alerts in smartthings.

Yeah, doesn’t make a lot of sense why they’ve defined capabilities and then haven’t exposed them.

i just bought an RF30BB6600QLAA. It is the 3 door bespoke unit with the water jug inside the door. I also do not see the actual temp in the app. I tried to install my fridge in Alexa, but can’t see a screen for it. I can only see that it is in my device list under all devices. If I click on that, it just shows me a settings screen with the name called ‘refrigerator’, and about information like ‘connected via’ with ‘smartthings’ listed. ‘type’ is ‘other’. I can’t see how to add the fridge to my home screen like I can for my other devices. But if i type ‘what is my refrigerator temperature’, is gives me the set point temp. i haven’t figured out how to get the freezer temperature.

Didn’t bother pursuing this any further, i e., Actual vs. Set Temperature, as as Samsung support seemed bewildered that I wouldn’t “trust” that the set point wasn’t the actual. I mean what could go wrong?

I didn’t try to open in Alexa, best I’ve got is SmartThings app which does at least give me set points for Freezer & Refrigerator and assurance that the power is on when I’m out of town. Hopefully you’ve got similar.

i was afraid of that. i suppose one idea is to send a letter to 3 or 4 of the top people at different departments at Samsung and see if anybody cares. I often get lucky with that approach. My screen looks a little different than yours. On my Samsung phone I see a top section for fridge and bottom section for freezer. There are sliders for the set temperature and slide buttons for power cool and power freeze. i think my fridge does not have the same support that the smart hub fridges have for features.

Instead of using the smart features on my refrigerator, plus I own some dumb appliances as well, I just put temperature sensors in the refrigerator, freezer, chiller, as well as in all the dumb appliances (e.g., wine cooler). I have simple routines that monitor temperature and notify me if the temperature exceeds my set threshold. You also learn a lot about defrost cycles and the need to modify set temperatures and persistence.

There are temperature measurements available for both the fridge and freezer sections, it’s just that the ST app doesn’t provide access to them. If you are curious, you can check them out in the ST Advanced Web App. Here is a snap of my fridge where you can see the cooler. temperatureMeasurement and freezer.temperatureMeasurement values.

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Thanks, never knew that was available.

Only became available mid-year this year. Prior to that you could only see that info in the community developed API Browser+ or via the ST CLI for Linux/Windows/Mac.

And if it makes you feel any better, you can’t see the actual temperature measurements on the fridge itself either :slight_smile:

In my case it’s really disabled. Were you able to enable this?


Which component is that for? Each part of the fridge has its own temperatureMeasurement and thermostatCoolingSetpoint.

It’s for the onedoor.
But non of the attributes updates temperature as you can see:

I’m afraid I can’t be of any help. The other member that responded with the advice to view the advanced application might be able to help. Don’t know if he’s copied on your email or not. Best if you ask your question on that thread. This was last response for your information. Good luck.

On my fridge, temperatureRange is not updated for any components like yours. I don’t have a temperature for cvroom, perhaps because I have it set to Deli mode.

I’m not familiar with the onedoor component. What model is your fridge? You’re likely not getting temperatureMeasurement values since that capability is disabled in the presentation. Also, is there any value in main:custom.disabledComponents:disabledComponents? For example, in mine, I have “[“icemaker-02”,“icemaker-03”,“pantry-01”,“scale-10”,“scale-11”,“camera-01”]”. And all the capabilities for those components aren’t populated presumably because the components themselves are disabled (I only have a single ice maker, so that makes sense).

Yes, you are right. Bunch of items there!


I guess my version does not expose a temperature read sensor.

I still get energy reading which is nice.

This is my fridge: