Can you control Sonos with Alexa?

I haven’t been able to find a good integration. I tried the Yanomi integration thru Alexa and it simply doesn’t work. Anyone have this down pat?

Yonomi is supposed to be one of the best, so if it’s not working that makes things difficult. There’s no native smart things/Sonos/echo integration.

You can create an Alexa skill that can do quite a bit, but it requires significant technical expertise.

It depends on what level of integration you are looking for. If you want to use Alexa to skip tracks or adjust volume, then it may be a little more far fetched. But if you are looking to do things like start play lists, pause, play etc. it is possible using Harmony + Sonos + SmartThings.

You will have to create all your play lists on SONOS and make sure you add the playlists to you SONOS Favorites. Once that is done, you can create a harmony activity for each play list/radio station etc, by using the respective playlist as the “Starting Channel” in harmony. When harmony is integrated with SmartThings, each of the activities can be configured as a switch. All you need to do then is add those switches to Amazon Echo and you can control each play list… “Alexa! Turn ON PlayList Name” will turn it ON and to pause you need to TURN OFF the SONOS Speaker itself (not the playlist switch). So if your SONOS speaker is named “SONOS” then you just say “Alexa! Turn off SONOS” it will pause your SONOS, to continue playing say “Turn on SONOS”…

This way you can also use the Harmony remote (if you have one) to skip songs on SONOS, once the activity is turned on.

Ask Alexa has some basic connectivity to the Sonos…more is forthcoming, but it really depends on what you want to do.

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hello Michael I just got a sonos and I love it but this weekend I’m sure I’m going to have some questions. I’m trying to get some basic functions like play pause stop next song when using pandora or other services. I’d also like to start triggering events with songs from my library by doors opening or motion do you think ask alexa will do these things. I’ve set up big talker and it works great but I’m having a hard time finding a good source of sonos alexa ST information or threads. any direction or links to good readings would be great


I believe we are talking about the controls (via Ask Alexa) in another thread. Big Talker is an excellent app to use for notifications, and it integrates nicely with Ask Alexa. Unfortunately, there is not much outside of this forum for information on the Sonos integration with SmartThings. It is considered ‘labs’ which means it may work, or may not…this includes the TTS functions which are metered and have a tendency (as of a few months ago) to stop working at the end of the month if SmartThings goes over their monthly limit.

Is there a specific question you have about these devices or their operation?

Just bought another one so just have a nice pair. So far I’ve learned that these are either on play or pause…or always on. My first question was just that, how do you stop or turn off but now I know. As I’m learning more I’m starting to figure it out but as for a question for you and your app. Is there a easy way to verbally say with echoes and ST ask alexa or harmony to simply say alexa pause. Alexa tell jarvis pause. I have a virtual switch I’m not using and someone said I could connect it to sonos in ST and just say alexa turn off/on sonos. but not sure how to connect a switch to a sonos play/pause device like my goodnight routine switch. I’ve set up triggers to activate certain song stations but don’t know how to turn them off without going to my phone or tab. So in short I need alexa to pause/turn off verbally and look into skipping tracks and choosing music stations verbally.

This should work with the speaker name…does it not work for you?

There is no reason to do this…the process of attaching a virtual switch only relays the play and pause signals to the speaker, which Ask Alexa already does natively.

To pause or play should be:

Alexa, tell Jarvis to pause {speaker}
Alexa, tell Jarvis to play {speaker}

If you want to take a deeper dive in terms of setup, I believe this is the thread that @MichaelS is referring to…

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I was going to dive into this at some point however I don’t have a server. I never use my PC laptop and all I have is android phones and a tab a. can I use my tab or do I need a computer running because that’s just not going to happen.

I’m not sure about the tablet route… but if this is of significant interest, perhaps you could look into running this on a Raspberry Pi?

Not sure where else to post this. But we all know the alexa sonos integration is coming. I just came in from outside, messing with my playbar settings, and when I told alexa to turn on the tv, she responded. Through the playbar. No idea how that happened or why it stopped. No idea how to get it to Happen again.

Follow the links above from YankeeJohnBoy. I have had the integration working flawlessly for some time now. can ask to play by artist, song, playlist (haven’t figured genre out). Controls volume/start/stop in one or all rooms.
And can even switch btwn library, apple music pandora, etc. Ive made some changes specifically to me, but all the functionality above works out of the box. Running on my laptop, but will probably move to Raspberry Pi. Haven’t had the time.