Can webCoRE set Configuration Command Class parameters?


Just recently started to dive into the power of CoRE and webCoRE. I have found a need to dynamically set different Configuration Command Class parameters on a situational-aware basis, but have not found any way to leverage CoRE or webCoRE to do this. Am I just missing an action?

For example, I have some lights setup on a Smart Dimmer. The Smart Dimmer has a Configuration Command Class parameter to control how fast or slowly the lights dim up and down. For daily use, I like the dimming rate to occur over 1 or 2 seconds. However, when my security system goes off, I would like to be able to “strobe” these lights. I have found the “Flash” function in webCore, which indeed performs the repeated power on and off action. However, since the dimming rate on these lights is set to 1 or 2 seconds, the strobe affect is not really apparent. If I can programmatically set the dimming rate to 0, or none, the strobe affect will be much more apparent.