Can we still do dry() wet() for a Simulated Water Sensor with a Rule?

I have a Simulated Water Sensor is used so it can be used in the home monitor.
The real sensor is a Govee device. Alexa routine can catch the status from it then update a simulated switch. In WebCore, I can have a logic like if the simulated switch changes to on, then do wet() for the simulated water sensor. If it changes to off then do dry().

Is that possible I still can do it with rules api?
Thank you

You can do this locally with an Edge driver. I have a Virtual Hub Kit with a virtual water sensor. The main thread is here:

You would just create a local automation that triggered wet/dry based on your govee device. It eliminates the cloud and alexa from the equation and also works with STHM.

The intent of this driver is to enable local versions for some of the use cases that used to live in webcore/rules api.

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The govee devices can not be added to Smartthings. However, it supports Alexa. That’s why I detect the sensor in Alexa routine in the first place.
The virtual device driver is a great that really helps a lot. Thank you so much!

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