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Can we have more complex routines?

(Brian) #1

For instance, I have a couple scenarios.

When I come home, I would like for the inside light of my front door to come on when I come home, so that I don’t enter a dark home, but I only want this light to be turned on when I come home, when it is sundown.

and additionally I already have another light that is a ‘night light’ in another part of my house, that already works on a routine and comes on at a set time and turns off at a set time.

I have a routine that is set to turn off all lights all when I leave, but I would want it to not turn off the night light when I leave( or if I do turn it off for energy consumption purposes only) then I would like it to be turned back on when I arrive back home in the ‘night time’ when the ‘front door inside light’ turns on with presence.

Lastly, I would like for the front door inside light to be turned off after a set time, say 5-10 minutes after i’m ‘home’ and already have been ‘settled’.

I currently don’t see the logic in ST to do this or maybe I am too new.

(jkp) #2

Check out WebCORE. It can do all you mentioned and much more…

( I hate Mondays) #3

There are various methods to get more advanced rules, each with different degrees of complexity and user friendliness. Among them, @obycode’s Smart Rules, there’s also @klinquist’s Stringify, and webCoRE. Just search for any of them on the forum here.

PS I originally mistakenly attributed Smart Rules to @RBoy instead of @obycode - as @JDRoberts correctly pointed out. Edited to correct the mistake.

(Brian) #4

Thank you all, I have downloaded webCoRE and I am playing with it now, thanks.