Can this be done: energy monitoring on an entire circuit, not just one outlet

Hi All
if you have two power outlet if i change the first one to a z-wave with energy monitor would it also monitor the power on next plug?
or it the something i can plug in to a outlet and monitor energy pm a hole circuit?
thanks beau

It’s a little hard to understand what you’re asking.

Z-wave in-wall receptacles and pocket sockets will monitor the power consumption of the device that’s plugged into them.

There are other z-wave devices that can monitor power use on a whole circuit, but I believe you have to install them at your circuit breaker. I don’t have any of them myself.

You should look through the quick-browse list of threads on the topic of power-related projects.

Edit: the z-wave outlet has to support the power monitoring capability, not all of them do.

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what I am look for is a way to monitor 2 outlet that are on same circuit staying out of box

I’m sorry I don’t know what that means.

If you want power monitoring for two separate outlets that are on one circuit, then look into a device that attaches to your circuit breaker. See the link I posted above for threads that should be relevant.

i am trying to stay out of breaker box

There is no device that can do this without going into the breaker box

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In that case, you’ll have to get one z-wave outlet with power monitoring capability per device that you want to monitor.