Can Things use only as a sensor without SmartThings hub?


Can only Things use as sensor without SmartThings hub?

I’m working on a project that communicates a smartthings sensor and zigbee module with microcontroller through Zigbee H.A 1.2 protocol.

The Xbee module is controlled by microcontroller’s UART serial communication through Xbee S2(Not S2C or PRO)'s API mode.

but, I found out later that I needed hub to connect or use the a smartthings sensor.

Anyway I have a plan to buy smatthings hub, but I have no much time…

I tried to perform a device search on all channels in the xbee module, but the Smartthings device could not found.

Please Let me know, If there is a way to use the smartthings product without a hub.

Thank you.

The short answer is “no”. Zigbee HA devices need coordinator to communicate with each other. This is what ST hub essentially is. You can use another compatible Zigbee coordinator instead of ST hub, but you absolutely need one.

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geko, Thank you for your reply.

After set Xbee module to be coordinator, smartthings sensor’s 64-bit address is found.
but response about some api command from smatthings sensor does not well recieved. :frowning:

I want smartthings sensor to be controlled by microcontroller with zigbee without smartphone application,
So I will try it by referring to the article below.

Please note that XBee S2B (and Pro) cannot be used as HA coordinator because of the firmware limitations. You’ll need S2C module.


Oh… I see.
Thank you.

Thanks to your advice, I was able to create a switch & sensor application using the S2C module + MCU as an End device. :slight_smile:

And I have noticed that the S2 (B) module and the Smartthings HUB are not making good ZigBee connections.
Can you tell me the documentation that describes the F / W constraints for this problem?