Can’t re-discover Sonos

I had two sonos sound bars working for a few months. They stopped working a few weeks ago and I removed and attempted to re-add them, but they can no longer be found. They are on the same subnet as the ST hub. I had a boost attached but removed it for testing - direct WiFi access made no difference. Hardware is ubiquity and all devices are on the same vlan / subnet.

Any idea how I can troubleshoot the discovery issues?

Have you checked the IDE device list?
if the app doesn’t show them but you find them in the IDE device list, that could explain.
Few weeks ago I got a device vanishing from the App but it was still there in the hub device list. I removed it and added it again.

Yeah - I logged into ST and went to “My Devices”. Sonos isn’t there.

So your Sonos app sees it but ST doesn’t.

Hey, did you try to use a SSDP explorer?
I recently lost a D-link camera and despite the D-link camera was working with their app, ST wasn’t able to find it.

So I downloaded a ssdp discovery app on my laptop (I used windows store “SSDP scanner”) to check if it was able to find the camera and, same: the camera wasn’t found.
So of course, if the device doesn’t publish its capability profile, there is no way ST can find it.

So check it. With your Sonos, you should fine a lot of Sonos capabilities. If you don’t find any, then try what I did.
It sounds weird, but I went to my router, removed the static IP assignment I add on my camera to the IP address, saved, then tried again: miracle, the capabilities were back in the SSDP tool and ST was able to find the camera back too. Then I reassigned the same IP address as a static and it works well since.
I have no idea what went wrong and in what this IP address would have been kind of half working.
My router is an Asus, just in case.

Took your advice and downloaded an app. It identified the Sonos along with my receiver, TVs and other devices. Will try to force an IP change on my DHCP server to see if it makes a difference.

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Figured this out. The ubiquity port was set to All Vlans. So sometimes it would pop up on the right vlan and other the wrong vlan. As a result I lost and gained the sonos. Set the vlan correctly and all is well.