Can’t Delete Aeotec Wallmote Quad

Hello, I am in a bit of a struggle and wanted to see if anyone has suggestions.
I am attempting to configure two Aeotech wallmote quad remotes with my smartthings v3 hub. Because of some issues I was having I have attempted to remove the devices from my network as I wanted to start again. I am going through the obvious steps in the app to remove the device while putting the device into removal mode but the removal has failed (“there was a problem connecting to the device” and “device cannot be removed because it is working properly”!!! and the devices remain in my network and app but unfortunately in a corrupt state because they cannot be properly programmed and are unresponsivce. The show up in the developer hub for my network but cannot be removed without error there either (null ID error). This includes the Force Delete option in the app.
Any ideas? Thank you.

there is a known issue with these quads. something about the single button push right work, but not the double push. @JDRoberts

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Yes, the problem is that the way buttons are handled has changed from the classic app to the new platform being used by the new V3 app.

If I had to guess, I would guess that there are some child devices that were created when this device was first added that now can’t be seen and so aren’t being deleted. But I don’t know for sure.

Support should be able to force delete it from their side, I’m not sure how else you can fix it if that’s the problem.

Once you do get it deleted, when you re-add it there is a new stock device type handler which is supposed to work with this device.

Thanks. I ultimately wanted to get the swipe working as well.

Yes I’ll post with any results from support…good call.

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Good call @JDRoberts on child devices- I used the IDE to delete the buttons first and was able to remove the devices from the network. It took more than a few tries but they are finally readded, although I could not find success adding them as a Wallmote Quad, only as Wallmote. I see no built in options for assigning the swiping as advertised and I think the custom device controller discussions I have seen are only relevant to the classic app (?) so I am going to go digging here…Thanks again.


Glad the delete worked. :sunglasses: The swipe gestures are not recognized by the basic integration. You have to either go to Z wave direct association or custom code for that.

See the following (the topic title is a clickable link)

Damn. Been looking for a way to delete the multiple copies I had also created when messing around with the swipe function. Thanks for the clarification. Didn’t get the swipe to work. As stated in another comment an association z wave solution is needed as far as I got with my research. But I usually only need 2 dimming states for my purposes so I stopped there.