Can SmartThings run in malaysia

Because my home is in Malaysia

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Hey there! @anothermeer, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: I’m happy to hear that you are wanting to use the SmartThings application in your home’s region of Malaysia. There are a few things I’d like to point out that can all be factored into the ability to use Smart Things and its multiple features/functions.

  1. Availability
    Malaysia (Shard AP02) is a region in which the SmartThings Application is available on the Galaxy Store, Google Play, Apple stores. Here is a link to the Application page for Malaysia: SmartThings - Control Devices from your Smartphone | Malaysia

  2. Region of linked Samsung Account
    Does the Samsung Account used in the SmartThings app list the region correctly as Malaysia?
    I wanted to additionally provide you with Samsung Account link to verify your region is displayed correctly:

  3. Device Requirements
    If you are wanting to use the ST Application it’s first best to confirm that your device has all the required specifications. You can confirm this by checking the Requirements to confirm your device is capable. If you are able to download the Smart Things Application to your mobile device or tablet.
    The currently listed requirements for the Smart Things Application are listed on the corresponding operating system download pages.
    Android: Smart Things on Google Play Store
    IOS: ‎SmartThings on the App Store

  4. Available Features
    Available technology, functions, and features may vary by country, service provider, network environment, or device product. It is recommended to review the Works with Smart Things list to confirm the compatibility of any products that you are wishing to onboard into Smart Things. You can find an indicator on some products that displays a ‘Works with SmartThings’ logo on the product or product package. You can additionally locate the list of products/brands here:

  5. Support Available
    If you have additional questions or specific concerns, you can also reach out to the support team in your area using this link: or Help & Contact Us | Samsung Malaysia

I hope this message finds you well!


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