SmartThings account region for smarttags?

Is there anyway to move SmartThings cloud and Samsung account in the same region. I have a Samsung account for many years and I had moved it to US region several years ago by calling Samsung support. However, I recently realized that can’t find location history on devices like SmartTag on Smartthings. After further investigation, Samsung support told me that the smartthings cloud for my account is not in US region and they couldn’t move it when they moved my Samsung account to US region. So I need to generate a new Samsung (smartthings ) account in US region if I want this feature to work. Everything else works fine on my smartthings account. I have several devices, services, hubs, smartapps on my Smartthings and my Samsung account has all other data including Samsung health. So moving to a brand new Samsung account is not an option. Should I give up on using Smarttags with this account? Samsung doesn’t allow sharing devices between smartthings accounts from different regions so opening a new smarthings account and sharing smarttag location with my original account is not an option either. Any suggestions?


I have the exact same problem (although in my case changing from Europe to Asia). Thank you for giving an explanation of the cause.

I’d welcome any suggestions (other than creating a new Samsung account) too.

I have always used SmartThings with UK Samsung Accounts. However my first ST Location was on the original shard (aka NA01). The second UK account came much later and created a NA04 Location by default. Only later again did Locations set up in the app start reliably being created on the UK/EU shard for my UK accounts.

Had I been aware of the shards on day one I would have just switched to the UK/EU shard in the IDE and created a new Location and used that. That was actually the idea back then, you could choose to create Locations in different shards but that got lost over the years.

I put up with being on a US based shard for years and it made little difference except that I had to read the status pages as if I was in the USA and if something went wrong early in the morning I had to wait for the Eastern Seaboard to wake up and complain en masse.

Over the years the odd niggle crept in. The most prominent one was the Energy service for UK Smart Meters. It wouldn’t work for me for several months and I had made it clear in my support requests that my Location was US based. It wasn’t important but eventually I happened to be able to try it on a UK Location and it worked fine. So I decided that it was time to go with the flow and start over with my Locations and get everything matching.

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