Can smartthings drain Iphone battery (location)

So i’m trying to find out what’s wrong, but i’m almost losing 20-50% of battery per day in my Iphone.

I rarely use smarthings app, but I do have location activated at all time on my iphone for both Smartthings and Webcore (to know when i arrive or leave home)

Can that eat my battery that much?

Have you looked at battery usage in settings: battery on your iPhone?

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Of course but none of these numbers make sense

It doesn’t make sense that Tunein Radio used 40% of my batter in 40min usage

The app could be wound around the axel. You might try closing that app (and others you don’t need at the moment) by double tapping the ‘home’ key, scrolling through the apps, and swiping up to close.

Then, re-start the app in question & see if it seems any better…