[Resolved] SmartThings App Drains iPhone Battery

(Geko) #1

UPDATE 07/19/2015:
The issue has since been resolved for me by erasing and re-installing the iOS on my iPhone.

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Since this issue is unrelated to the original thread, I wanted to start a new one. Sometimes I feel that my iPhone 6 becomes quite warm just sitting idly on my desk (or in my pocket) and when I look at the battery usage stats, the Smart Things app is typically shows the highest battery usage - up to 40% !!!

Just two hours after I reported 27% battery usage, SmartThings app now shows 36% and my battery is down to 23%, although I haven’t used my phone once within this time span. I had to kill the app to save the battery. Have anyone else noticed this?

(Ron S) #2

Third in my list for today… Bearable.

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Always near the bottom of my list…


I have SmartThings on two iPads and an iPhone, and almost no battery used for the app on any of them in the last 7 days. So I’m not seeing a background drain problem. But I use the app very little, i can’t say if there’s excessive drain during active use or not.


I reported the same issue on Android 5.1 and support said it was false readings on the phone. I say the ST app is a battery hog.

(Keith Croshaw) #6

1% for me. IFTTT is doing my geofencing though. Which has taken an additional 2%.

(Ron S) #7

I pretty much use it every few minutes but it does not kill my battery that bad. @geko please keep an extra charger handy! My holiday present to you this year! I promise.

(The fish is still dead.) #8

I’ve used the ST app more than normal today (first batch of my PEQ Best Buy heist showed up today) and it’s at 11% of the 24hr usage on my iPhone 6+.

(jotto) #9

1% for me (16th of 33 apps for last 7 days). I use ST app a few minutes every day to turn things on or off.

Modes, Hello Home actions and even some new apps (Auto Dehumidifier, Magic Mode, HVAC Fan Circulate to name a few) have automated most of my needs to the point where I don’t need the app as much to ‘change things’.

(April Wong) #10

Whoa. That’s super high… mine hasn’t even reached 20% before. Curious…

I know you probably provided this before, Geko, though I can’t seem to find it atm.
Can you provide me

version :
mobile: ios?
version of mobile os?

Reaching out to someone to take a look at this.

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FYI, know we are a few months out but when iOS 9 goes live you will get a breakdown of how much battery different apps are using, and the split between background use and on-screen time.

(Geko) #12

iPhone 6, iOS 8.4, mobile app 1.7.3.

(Ron S) #13

Wow! I am on iPhone 6, iOS 8.4, mobile app 1.7.3.

(April Wong) #14

thanks so much! checking now

(Geko) #15

Just FYI, The issue has since been resolved for me by erasing and re-installing the iOS on my iPhone.

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Since joining the IOS9 Beta ive noticed SmartThings take a massive step down in battery consumption and Facebooks has taken a massive leap up . . . My ST used to be around 15-20% and FB was always largest but only ever 30-35% before.

Weird this subject should of appeared inwas only discussing thisntoday with someone :slight_smile: