Battery drain

Is anyone having the same battery issues with the new Android app as I do? I didn’t even open the app much today and ST app is draining my battery almost as bad as the screen. This is insane…

I’ve never seen that personally. It might be a case of the app crashing into some sort of loop. The new app has been very buggy for me, crashing quite a bit more than normal. But never sucking down the battery like that.

Me neither. I remember @pstuart red flagged the usage when the app was first launched, but I didn’t have any issues all this time…

You are using the new 2.0.2 version correct?

Correct…20 char and some…

I’ve noticed a lot of battery drain on my iOS device. It’s always my top battery consumer.

Anything new on this?

Mine is at 10% usage and it hasn’t been on all day. I started it when I left home this morning and terminated it right after


My iPhone was fully charged this morning, but at 3 PM the battery status was at 49% and I haven’t even made any calls today. Looking at the battery stats, SmartThings is at the top of the list at 88% (!) battery usage. WTH?