Can not get the list of rules through Rules API

I try to get a list of rules that I created by smart things app. but I get an empty response. Did they change the API or did my config wrong?

Neither, you just can’t see the Routines via the public API, at least not in any way I know.

well, I found that every topic which mentions rules API was using public API to test. Then I thought that It was going to work.

Do you have another solution to manage the Routines? Could we use CLI?

Routines are managed by the mobile apps. That is the point of them. They are simple automations for those who like to use the app to do stuff. Yes, the Routines are built using Rules, but those Rules are private. You see the same sort of things with the example Rules apps on Glitch. They maintain their own private pools of Rules.

Once push notifications and audio notifications are available in the public Rules API, or I figure out how to use them without documentation, I’ll have one Routine left and that is just because the enable/disable is relatively convenient. I use the Rules API directly, using the CLI for management.

Thank you for your information.