Can my smart phone act as an arrival sensor and unlock my smart lock?

I recommend you have your wife rethink using a smarthings FOB. She just puts it in her purse and forgets about it. Doesn’t have to be on her keys.

I have 2 women in my smartthings setup, each has one in her purse.

Or another option is to just leave it in the car if your hub can see it there. Some people even wire in regular batteries and leave it in a plastic box in the car. Car home = I’m home.

You can pair this FOB with her phone, or phone running life360 for more methods of detection. Then plug those methods into an app called Reliable presence.

This app watches all the presence devices you tell it too. Then if any one of them leaves it marks you away. Any one returns it marks you as back. It helps when a sensor get stuck in one state.

Some people use core to monitor their coming and going. Some with android pho as use tasker path to detect connection to home WiFi.

With all these options your presence can be hit and miss. Some people have very reliable others do not. It usually takes a little work to get it pretty reliable. In my situation the reliability went way up using the FOB’s. Only issue is when my daughter leaves hers In her car at the edge of where the hub can see it.

In my house we do use the presence to unlock our door. Alot of people won’t do that. We have not had any issues with the house unlocking when we didn’t want it too. We have had a few instances where it failed to or was slow if we were quicker. It does take it a little bit to do it’s thing.

Hope that helps your decide.